17 thoughts on “About IHateNYT

  1. Thanks! Please keep reading, enjoy, & share with your friends. I hope to write lots of great new posts in the weeks & months ahead.

  2. I hope to find two more sites just like yours so I can pitch a story to the NYT Style section about the “growing trend of websites set up just to bash the New York Times.”

  3. Hell, if you make me sound blue-blood enough, you can write a trend piece about just me! I’ll pretend I went to Ivy League schools & wear all designer clothes. They never fact-check those things.

  4. I love you, for you give voice to the gentle stirrings of my heart.

    Seriously, I hate this paper so fucking much. You explain my hate better than I can. Keep it up.

  5. You are doing a great service to our Republic. I started hating the New York Times shortly after I moved here 21 years ago and was living on the UWS no less (at the time all the Times reporters lived there so the paper read like The Columbus Avenue PennySaver, minus the coupons.Now the Times is my go-to read when I want to get a summary of the received wisdom in Carroll Gardens and Ditmas Park.)

    Thanks again,

    A M

  6. I generally do not have an issue with the specific-interest sections, but the editorials, opinion section and awful garbage authors like roger cohen are unbearable.

    They filter any posts in the comments sections that go against their far-left mentality, and publish lunatic crud like how NYS should actually raise taxes even higher so that public employee unions can get even higher benefits, salaries and pensions. The editorial board should be fired en masse, and replaced with a group with intelligence and centrist balance sorely lacking from it now.

  7. I just found this blog through Captain Awkward‘s blogroll, and I am so happy I did! David Brooks is my favorite person to hate, and I loved reading your posts on why he is awful. This question might be weirdly specific: Do you have a list of tags somewhere? Or can you at least direct me to posts on Tom Friedman (if you have written any)?

  8. Noticed today a NY Times video showing how the evil republicans twisted his arm and forced him to sign the DOMA back when. He really didn’t want to sign it, but…but…but he did! I remember Bill always “I feel your pain”, probably said when he was pinching a cuties rear end. Please forgive his sins, says the news reporter.

  9. Betoma,

    It was the great Frederick Exley that said hate is just as redeeming as love. And in the case of David Brooks, I think he’s right.

    My question for you is this: I’m tired of reading NYTimes, but reading blogs and commentary from places like Slate and Esquire and even Mother Jones, don’t quite offer the one-stop show variety that I’m looking for to scoop major headlines. What’s your go to source or sources for news reading?



  10. For years (years) I wrote a blog called I Hate The New Yorker. I like to think it helped people. Like the good work you’re doing here.

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